[WTR 002] WrdsBtwnWrds – CS-L 9

Artist: WrdsBtwnWrds
Album: CS-L 9
Release date: 07/06/2012
Country: UK
Genre: ambient / experimental / synth
1. The Far Reaches (the potential for extinction)
2. Transmission (the astronomical body)
3. In Orbit (21 discernable fragments)
4. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 (spiralling inwards for 20 to 30 years)
5. Tidal Reduction (the sphere of influence)
6. 100 Years (seperating infinitely within the sea)
7. Autonomous Metronomy (like clockwork)
8. String Of Pearls (visibility of the inevitable impact)
9. Collision (impact on the southern hemisphere)
Download on Last.fm
Download on Bandcamp


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